Friday, 30 September 2011

What's in a name?

What's in a name beside references to Roses and sweet aromas? Beauty apparently.

I don't know what it is but girls named Tolani have the tendency of being certified stunners! I challenge you to find one who isn't at least a 7.1. A so-called 'cute girl name' - it's as if naming your daughter Tolani condemns her to a life of aesthetic compliments. Met another yesterday who stayed true to my largely normative statement; boy if I weren't in a situation right now…sigh!

No implications, just observations – this is A Posteriori Perspective –so it's all in the name.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Introducing...Mr Lemar

Being out here has literally deprived me of anything current affairs from football transfers to the latest in Libya. It's like Nigeria performed an info vasectomy on me. For example last week I woke up to find out that Owen Hargreaves moved to Man City - Next ting. And with that the discovery of an up and coming artist from the notorious Westcoast comes as a surprise to say the least. How I did is fabled jibber-jabber...err...wait no it isn't - lend your ears to The City on The Game's latest album R.E.D (skip to around 4:25); yeah that was my reaction too - FIRE! What we have here is a young artist with a refreshing outlook on life so vividly expressed through a rapid yet concise interchangable flow of crescendos and diminuendos. Very much reminiscent of Bone Thugs but with far more substance (there's only so much weed and gun talk [yes Kendrick does conform on Poe Man's Dreams] you can disseminate through your music one can take before it becomes repugnant).

Kendrick Lemar is his name and he's definitely got my ear. From the time he spits his first bar you know the kid has differentiated himself from 70% of the talent out there. His retail mixtape Section 80 dropped a day before I left for Nigeria so technically I should've known about him earlier but boy, better late than never. It's available on digital download so when you get a spare millisecond, give it a listen. He explores a variety of music styles whilst being sure to interpolate elements of his Westcoast roots arguably through vivid depictions of violence and the liberal dispensation of expletive indicative of rap music. Look beyond this and you can appreciate his ability to switch convincingly between the mellow undertones on No Make Up (the way I wanna sing this to some females I know) to the gritty Ronald Reagan era then back to the pensive aura on Kush and Corinthians; quite admirable I must say.

So despite tepid affections towards US Hip-Hop in recent times, I'm willing to spare the genre for the sake of this kids idiosyncrasy.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Count me in

So after amassing SAT, GCSE, A LEVEL and BSc qualifications, the art of counting money still alludes me, slowly becoming a major thorn in my yellow flesh. Not as in one-two-three you neek but administering the hand-to-note co-ordination without looking retarded. I mean even these so-called illiterates that drive Ocada's can count notes effortlessly. This can't be life so I had to learn, NA BY FORCE!

Mastering the technique

So after observing and being the subject of abuse, I've mastered the art of counting notes:

1. Straighten out notes and assemble neatly portrait-side up

2. Hold the stack in the middle as if you're holding a spliff between the index and middle fingers

3. Then using your other hand, support the back of the stack whilst using your thumb to stroke the notes so they fold over the index finger supporting the middle of the stack, counting that lovely currency as you do so. Hopefully you're not so broke as to have less than three notes in the stack!

Simples! This is the African way apparently. Europe, Far East amongst others have their respective versions too as seen in this How people count cash vid on YouTube. Personally I'm feeling the middle-east and eastern European variations they look mad! The vid pars off the African variation though - I can confirm with confidence we DO NOT count like that or I'm yet to see anyone count like that in these parts anyway.

You'll never understand how happy I am to have finally learnt how to do this. I can add it too swimming, riding a bike and driving a car. Feels like my first *smirks*

Now to find someone who can teach me Long Division (again)…