Wednesday, 19 August 2009

I up da Levz!!!

Aint gon chat too much on dis one. Just gotta expose da new opening title screen for
any short films I propose on doin. It aint exactly professh but I've definitely upped da levels frm da last one I did. DO NOT WATCH DIS SPACE though...I have no idea of where I intend to take dis ting.



Monday, 17 August 2009

Forget Swine Flu...There's a new virus!!!

Aiight so everyone is familiar with all da hype surrounding swine flu, its effects and how many people its killed and will kill etc. Today Im here to tell u 2 bun wot u've heard & keep ur eyes & ears to da street (or to ur screens at least) coz there's a new virus about to hit. Da good news is dat it doesnt kill physically. Instead it kills appearance-wise and not in a positive way.

Ill start by defining da word virus. The free dictionary (big up Farlex) says its "Something that poisons one's soul or mind" in that it has clouded the mind of our females into thinkin' its not an option but the ONLY option for their headpieces as its and I quote "easier to manage". Now we know how weave has wormed its way into our females (mostly BLACK) top 5 most essential adornment list. Ive got into countless arguments about y u gurls need it so much n got berated for voicing my opinions. You stress dat the variety of styles and easy maintenance has proven a worthy alternative to keepin hair natural as its time-consuming etc. Personally, I call it laziness *cue the female boos*. Da euphoria about it is mad doe. Ppl who used 2 kick da natural plaits & twists r now being converted onto da weave-side. It pierced my ego to see my younger sister who previously denounced da use of weave, now acting as the chief advocate for why its "sooooo GOOD".

I'm not convinced but I've learnt to live in tolerance (after taking some anti-virus) for dat entity u girls attach to your scalps. Please dont construe this rant as an attack on "the weave"; im simply an advocate for the natural look (who am i kidding; it is. lol). On occasions, I've commended how nice weaves looked on some of u (Monique can testify to this). However this is NOT the problem at hand. The weave virus has now evolved into something more serious, more hideous and dare I say it, outright STUPID. Ladies and Gentleman I introduce to you the new virus |EYEBROW WEAVE!!! YES weave for a woman's eyebrow. Da concept is incomprehensible but for Ye of little faith - CHECK DA EVIDENCE.

How u gon?!?!?.....I dnt even wanna get started. To all my female friends, colleagues and associates please prevent yourselves from this infection of stupidity by trusting in your common sense when it tells you "this is retarded". I know dis is in da U.S but im just waiting to see da first victim over here in da UK. I can see it all now..."I paid good money fo' dem eyebrows". Every girl aint blessed with naturally luscious hair so weave I guess is acceptable but eyebrows? Sheesh datz where I draw da line.

LOOOOOOOL On a lighter note though u know I got love for all u ladies - Weave or Weave-less. "PAT UR WEAVE"(T-shirts are still available). As for da man dem remember: Judge a woman by the cunning of her intellect not the brand of her hairpiece!!!!

RATN: The answer to the last blog brain-teaser: There are just 3 out to lunch - Grandmother, Mother and Daughter!!!


Monday, 3 August 2009

Da Beginning of an Unknown Era

So after much deliberation, consideration and encouragation (not real english but had to keep the "-ation" consistent) I've decided to launch AK-IB Creative (Pron: AKiBi as if ur about to say Akey but den adding ibi as if ur saying I and B seperately).

It started leisurely leisurely, creating graphics in my spare time or whenever I felt inspired. Aint gonna lie, my initial material was swaggaless but as with most tings in life, u improve as you go along honing ur skills and learning new tings. I've NEVER charged for any materials be it graphics, posters, logos etc. I do it for da luv of it, like if i was i pro footballer I wouldnt pet 2 play 4 free coz I luv da sport ya c it. Same ting wit dis; despite offers of £70+ (I kno i must b off my rocker) I declined coz I do it out of enjoyment not labour....if i get paid 4 it, it becomes work n im not on dat tip right about now. Why I set up dis lil organisation doe is dat I felt to provide a legimate interface between myself n potential clients. Da movement has a face now, an identity, a logo. Don't know where it'll take me or if its jus a short-term ting but a kids definitely gon b around to find out.


P Esquire

RATN: 2 Mums and 2 Daughters went to lunch. It cost 10 pounds per person. The bill came to 30 pounds. Hows is that possible?

Answer in da nxt blog bloggaz & bloggettes!!!