Friday, 10 July 2009

*Farts Excessively*



Man I aint passed wind on dis blog for a minute so I had to re-dedicate it accordingly. If dis blog woz a child, social services would've removed it for parental negligience. Minor doe. Good 2 grace da page again. As u may not know im officially a graduate (hold tight da special graduate edition nxt week). Man can only b thankful 2 God cah. Da sweat & tears...ok mayb not tears i aint cried 4 about 8 years but definitely sticky sweat and stress dealin with dat dissertation....& my pups response..."Ahh so on to do a masters now yes?" Hmmm. Parents and their Rhetorics. Dey dnt expect *passes gas*. Hmmm excuse me...dat garlic bread boi...Oh wotz woz i sayin.....oh yh....Parents dnt expect a response other than wot they WANT to hear. Bless dem doe.

In other happeninnings (deliberate spelling 4 all u fast 1z), Mo celebrated her 22nd in central. Didnt start of too well but tingz smartened up towards da end. Ohh n da Wall, 2:45am lock-off???? They must not have got da memo!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MO-TOWN!!

*Passes wind*

*clocks da foul odour*

Blessingz doe ppl mother Nature calls