Thursday, 4 June 2009

Am I Wrong?

Aiight, bit of a dilema here. I got a bredren of mine who recently...errm..'came out da closet' bout his sexuality. Now bes believe I was nothin less dan shocked 2 find out my guy preferred Adam to Amanda coz on 1st looks u wuld neva have guessed. Dis breh is always on da baggy jeans/hoodie outlook so I didnt suspekt a ting *Cue "bad day" by Bizzare'. So man aint gon lie, Im feelin a lil cautious bout my manz approach n ting n he's clocked my shadiness round him but am i wrong to react lyk dis seein as he is my bredren? Should I 'accept' him 4 who he is? Why is it I can hear a resounding NO in da virtual background. Looks lyk u lot aint gon b of help - gon have 2 fathorm dis one out me-self. Sheesh

Its a Mad 1.


RATN: I encountered one of these brave pigeons the other day. U kno da ones dat won't pay ur size 10 Air force 1 no mind if their food is in close proximity. Dnt dey realise one swipe of my left-foot can discombobolate their brain and reduce their body into a feather jacket instantly? B4 pigeons dare not step within a meter of u. Now u can bop with one literally on ur footwear. Malfunctional behavior. They're growing wings - literally & figuratively. Anyhow, I jus clocked dat I've never actually seen a Baby Pigeon!!! Have u? Has anyone? Something to ponder on