Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Lost Drafts

I haven't blogged since I left Nig; Olympics and a backlog of catch-up sessions to blame. Don't really have anything to type so I'm just releasing some unreleased draft material that's been sitting in a lifeless state since my last year of uni. It's not even finished, just raw rubbish for you to observe and ignore

Superficiality Vs Materialistic - Lesser of two evils

I was chilling (instead of studying) in a computer cluster room at Uni when a former friend of mine accused me of being superficial simply because I made a favourable yet tasteful comment about a subjects appearance (I later discovered its because she 'disliked' her but then again what's new!).

Where I admit guys have a narrow perception of attractiveness (either she's hot or not) females have criteria as broad as an overweight mother of four.

Now lets take Mr Rick 'Rosay' Ross for example. Blessed with an ear for music, not with a face for looks yet a growing number of females find him genuinely 'sexy'. No seriously go Nigeria and enquire - the guys excrement is goldust over there. But why? Well lets take it back to the classic scenario. Walking down West End and you see this Esther Baxter-esque physique of a woman with a dude that looks like Flavor Flav on her arm. Whilst scratching your head wondering as to if this girl is under Juju, it soon becomes apparent he's a roadman, with an X6, two yards and plenty of meulah. Oh so that's why, figures. 

Typical example exemplifies the depth this catalogue of 'attractive criteria' girls possess, spans over and beyond the realms of simply aesthtics. Girls find non-tangible characteristics desirable; confidence, security, status, pizazz, – all mythical criteria to us guys when looking for something in a women as we're more interested in what we can see and feel (and they say guys aren't sensitive, pa!). So in the case of Rick Ross it's safe to say the influx of female fans is down to his certified status and egoistic swag as opposed to his burnt lips and endomorphic somatotype. I guess you can say his status and braggish demeanour is a twisted apparition of a man with boyishly good looks and a body to match in the eyes of certain delusional females. 

As superficial as guys may be, we keep things simple. If she looks good, we're attracted. If not, she’ll have to try harder. Girls however are materialistic specimens not that I'm biased or anything.
We have a genuine, if not a tad fickle criteria; looks. Girls on the other hand will not only base their decisions on looks but also bypass it (if it isn't the individual's strongest attribute) in favour of bank balance and popularity. Indeed not every girl is a leech and will look for honourable characteristics in a man if he's not blessed with looks, but I'm generalising here so I'm permitted to make such sweeping statements.

That said, girls are probably smarter…oh ok…ARE smarter than us guys in the sense they don’t limit themselves to a standard as temporary as appearance. I mean we marry a lady, size 10 with a pretty face and banging body to compliment it. Child birth takes it toll on her figure and she inflates to a size 16 with love handles and three chins. Then what, divorce? Remember for better or worse brah!

OK the same can be said of ladies scrutinising a man's bank balance I mean look at Tyson who accumulated millions throughout his career, yet he's burdened with overwhelming debt. A woman after him would have met, slept and left (if he didn't beat her up prior) by the time the doe started to dry up...

...And that's where the block hit the writer!

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